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The 36th Holten Triathlon

Friday July 1st 2022

  • 18:40h Waerdenborch Youth Triathlon age 8-11 years 
  • 18:50h Waerdenborch Youth Triathlon age 12-15 years 
  • 18:50h Waerdenborch Youth Triathlon age 16-19 years 
  • 19:30h Europe Triathlon Junior Cup men
  • 20:15h Europe Triathlon Junior Cup women
  • Therafter youth and openingsparty!

Saturday July 2nd 2022

  • 10:15h Seesing Flex Triathlon for companies
  • 10:20h Vivera Run
  • 12:00h Europe Triathlon Premium Cup men
  • 13:00h Europe Triathlon Premium Cup women
  • 14:00h Age groups: olympic distance (3 series)
  • 15:40h Recreantional participants: 1/8 Triathlon (9 series)
  • Therafter (from ± 21:00h) party supported by the community of Rijssen-Holten

The Holten Triathlon is a trend-setting sporting event for elite athletes. An unmatched experience for elite athletes from various parts of the world as well as recreational participants, with a unique combination of sportsmanship, fun and a versatile course. Friday 2 and Saturday 3 July 2021 will mark the 36th edition of this annual spectacle, where over 15,000 visitors, around 2,000 participants and a whopping 950 volunteers come together.

The fabulous combination of international elite races and a sports and atmospheric programme for recreational participants and audience, is back

The Holten Triathlon once again offers an international stage to elite triathlon athletes in 2021. For the 15th consecutive time, the European Triathlon Union has assigned a prestigious Premium European Cup race to Holten. The renowned course on and around Salllandse Heuvelrug will see athletes from the global elite compete for ranking points and the podium. The Holten race has featured on the international calendar since 2002. The Holten Triathlon date is assigned and largely depends on that schedule. The European association also assigned the elite junior series to Holten this year, which will make for that much more elite-level spectacle.

Recreational participants and the audience will be presented with an athletic and festive programme on Friday and Saturday. The popular Vivera Run is organised for the fifth time, marking its first quinquennium. The organisation has high hopes of realising a triathlon festival that will even exceed the calibre of previous editions.

Extra sublime edition or adjusted scenario?

The organisation of the Holten Triathlon has been preparing potential scenarios for 2021 with great enthusiasm. Of course, these scenarios vary based on developments around the corona virus and its control. Factors that are not yet predictable.

Martin Pieters, chair of the Holten Triathlon Foundation: “We hope for all of the athletes, volunteers, visitors, sponsors and other stakeholders that the event will be able to take place in its original form. Following a difficult period and a year without the Holten Triathlon, we are determined to treat everyone to an extra sublime edition if the circumstances allow it.”

Several scenarios are currently being explored within the organisation and in collaboration with various institutions, including International Topsport Events Twente. Pieters continues: “We want to be prepared for alternative scenarios in case we cannot proceed with a regular event. Our priority is to safeguard the safety and health of all stakeholders at all times. But we also want to leave the sports and atmosphere experience in tact as much as the situation permits it.”

All of the above is subject to changes. 

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