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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate?
The race is held for so-called Elite athletes, Age groupers and Recreational participants. The first two categories sign up through their national triathlon unions. The 2021 registration deadline is yet to be confirmed. It will be stated in the regulations of each individual distance.

What is the Triathlon distance?
Elite triathletes will complete the so-called Sprint Distance; 750 metres swimming, 20 kilometres cycling and 5 kilometres running. Recreational participants complete an OD (1500-40-10) or Eighth (500-20-5) triathlon.

The Kids triathlon consists of the following distances:

  • Kids triathlon 8-11 years 100 m swimming, 5 km cycling and 1.25 km running
  • Kids triathlon 12-13 years 250 m swimming, 10 km cycling and 2.5 km running
  • Kids triathlon 14-15 years 375 m swimming, 10 km cycling and 2.5 km running

May I use my own MYLAPS chip (the yellow chip)?
Unfortunately not. We use Mylaps rental chips. These are disposable chips that are paid for by participants via a fixed fee. You'll find the details in the registration information.

I’m not a member of the Dutch Triathlon Union (NTB). Can I still participate?
You can sign up for the recreational race. All you need to participate is a day license. The organisation will arrange the license for you. The union does charge a fee that will be forwarded to the participant.

Can I sign up for both the eighth and OD?
According to our regulations, you can only sign up for 1 distance a day.

Is there a draw for the Eighth and OD distance?
No, there won’t be a draw. Starting tickets are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. If a race is overbooked, registrations are assigned to a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. A total of 560 starting places are available for the eighth Triathlon; 210 for Holten locals and 350 for non-locals. A total of 450 starting places are available for the OD.

Can I consult the registration lists?
Registration lists are available on our website under ‘Triathlon’. The lists are updated regularly. The list contains a red line. Underneath the red line is the waiting list. If you are listed above the red line, you are on the participant list. You can find the last revision date at the top of the list.
The first registration lists will be posted on the website soon

What are the registration costs?
500m swimming in pool; 20km cycling; 5km running
Fee: €32 for NTB members and €40 for non-members

Olympic Distance
1500m swimming in open water; 40km cycling; 10km running
Fee: €42 for NTB members and €52 for non-members (snack and consumption voucher included)

What payment methods are accepted for the registration fee?
As of the 2020 edition, iDEAL is the only payment method accepted for the registration fee. 

What is the refund period for the registration fee?
If you cancel before or on ..., your registration fee will be refunded minus €5. If you cancel after ..., your registration fee will not be refunded.
Participants who end up on the waiting list, still have to pay the registration fee. Participants who are still on the waiting list by ..., will receive a full refund of the registration fee. The refund will be completed around .... Run 5 km and Run 10 km participants are not eligible for a cancellation refund

Can I let someone else participate in my name?
No, your registration is yours only. You may be required to present your ID on the day of the race. For further details, please consult the registration regulations.

I relocated and/or my (athlete) details have changed, now what?
Let us know at and we will change your details as needed.

I relocated to Holten. Will I now be competing for the Holten Championship?
No, our starting lists and results are based on the participant's place of residence at the time of registration.

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