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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any race regulations?
We use the NTB regulations during the race. You can find it on the union website.

What swimming technique am I supposed to use?
That is up to you. Most people go for the breast crawl. If you're swimming in the pool, make sure to agree on the order of departure with the other people sharing your lane (the fastest swimmer should go first) and always keep to the right side of your lane. So, keep right both there and back. This will give faster swimmers enough room to pass in the middle.

Using a wetsuit for the Olympic Distance
Wetsuits are mandatory when the water is colder than 15.9 degrees Celsius and prohibited at a temperature of 22 degrees and higher. This is in line with the NTB regulations that can be found on the NTB website. Correspondence on water temperature takes place on social media and on our website. A neoprene swimsuit is considered a wetsuit according to the NTB regulations.

Are compression stockings allowed during the  race?
Compression stockings are allowed during a triathlon race. There is one important condition though: they are prohibited during swimming. Both hands and feet must remain uncovered while swimming. This is why most triathletes don’t use compression stockings, but prefer so-called compression tubes instead, e.g. stockings without the feet. Keep in mind that tubes are only permitted if race conditions allow for wetsuits as well. If wetsuits are not allowed because the water temperature is too high, tubes are also prohibited during the swimming element.

I lost something during the race. Now what?
Send an email to Clearly state what item you’ve lost and how we might recognise it. We always receive found objects, but there are no guarantees. We will check if your item was found and will get in touch with you.

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