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House rules

The Holten Triathlon is lenient, but some rules must be observed! 

  1. Minors under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited from buying or consuming alcohol. In the case of a violation, fines are recovered from the violator. 
    All visitors between the ages of 18 and 25 who want to buy and consume alcoholic beverages, are required to get a wristband at the coin exchange. They will ask for valid identification. The wristband must be worn around the wrist visibly.
  2. This is a sporting event: smoking is not allowed in several designated areas (e.g. inside the tents). In the case of a violation, fines are recovered from the violator.
  3. It is not allowed to bring the following items to the event: (alcoholic) beverages, drugs, glassware, cans, plastic bottles, weapons, objects that look like weapons or are offensive.
  4. Clothes with discriminating and/or provocative lettering and/or expressions are prohibited at the event grounds. 
    The organisation reserves the right to bar people in club attire (e.g. motor or football) from entering the event grounds without notice.
  5. Pets are not allowed onto the event grounds.
  6. It is not allowed to take food and plastic cups away from the event terrain.
  7. The Dutch law with regards to the use and sales of drugs applies to the event grounds.
  8. Visitors must adhere to instructions and/or directions issued by the organisation and security personnel.
  9. Visitors who display offensive behaviour or cause nuisance, in whatever shape or form, or appear to be in a state of intoxication, are removed from the event grounds by security or refused entry to the event grounds. The Police can be called if necessary.
    The sale of alcoholic beverages may be refused on grounds of misconduct and/or intoxication.
  10. It is prohibited to give any alcoholic beverage to a minor under the age of 18.
  11. Visitors enter the event grounds and attend the events, including any activity associated with the Holten Triathlon, completely at the visitor’s own risk.
  12. The organisation cannot be held liable for any damages or injury incurred by visitors and/or their possessions. This includes theft and loss.
  13. This event is recorded on video and photo. Upon their entry, visitors implicitly consent to the organisation's right to duplicate, publish and/or use these recordings. The company responsible for security at the event (Veneberg Security) has been authorised as such by the department of justice.
  14. When using any of the services offered by the First Aid station: 
    a. One extra person is allowed inside. 
    b. You are not allowed to use your mobile phone. 
    c. Smoking is prohibited.
    d. No alcohol is allowed.
  15. If any of these regulations are transgressed, the organisation or appointed security personnel may refuse access to the event grounds or remove someone from the grounds.


The event grounds comprise Kalfstermansweide, Smidsbelt, Dorpsstraat (Kolweg/Kerkstraat intersection until Larenseweg/Stationsstraat intersection).

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